Donate today and change a child's future.

Did you know that in disadvantaged communities, up to one in three children start school behind?

Without targeted, quality intervention programs, most of these children will struggle and fall further behind each year, severely limiting their chances in school and in life.


Every dollar you donate will give vulnerable children the chance to learn, dream and reach their full potential through education.

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You can give vulnerable children the gift of a brighter future by donating today.

The difference you make

With your support, we can provide at-risk children and schools with quality learning programs that have proven to work.

From hands-on literacy and numeracy support, quality STEM learning equipment and training, to programs that inspire confidence and a love of learning, your help will give children a pathway to overcome disadvantage and reach their full potential.

Urgent Need

Around the country, children urgently need your help to access quality education programs now more than ever.

COVID-19 has changed children’s relationships, experiences, and development. Those already facing disadvantage have seen their lives become even more challenging, as their households are too often the first and hardest hit by economic fallout.

What’s more, the number of children experiencing disadvantage has more than doubled due to various factors, including inflation and the cost of living crisis.  

Following years of extreme hardship and disruption, those who were already vulnerable are finding it even harder to keep up with their more advantaged peers. And the reality is that without targeted intervention, most will continue to fall behind, severely limiting their learning outcomes and life opportunities.

Ardoch is committed to doing all we possibly can to make sure no one misses out. But we need your help. Please will you join us in giving every child the quality education they deserve?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ardoch registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission?

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Yes, we are registered with the ACNC. We are also registered to fundraise across Australia and are members of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

Is my gift tax deductible?

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Yes, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Will I receive a receipt?

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You will receive tax receipt via email when you give a one-off donation. If you are a monthly donor, you will receive an annual tax receipt at the end of the financial year.

Can I donate over the phone or send a cheque?

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If you would like to make a donation over the phone, please call us on 03 9537 2414 or 1300 Ardoch. If you would like to send a donation via the post, please send it to Ardoch, Level 4, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Can I choose what communications Ardoch sends me?

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Absolutely – you control what information you receive from us. Please give us a call to discuss what would suit you. You might also be interested in reading our Privacy Policy which tells you more about how we will communicate with you.